Research projects

Simple introduction of production in our research group

oSeawater desalination (Reverse osmosis membrane)

oGas separation (Separating a substance : Hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, etc.)

oPervaperation (PV)/vapor permeation (VP)

oReverse osmosis (RO)/nano filtration (NF)

oMembrane reactor

oPhotocatalysis membrane

oProton conductive membrane for a fuel cell

oFabrication of ultrathin membranes via plasma CVD

Simple introduction of using experimental equipment in our research group

oPreparation methods of membranes and experiment of permeation and separation

  ・Preparation methods of membranes
    High temperature tubular electric furnance
  ・Gas separation
    Pure gas or mixed das permeation experimental equipment
  ・PV separation
    Batch type PV equipment under the boiling point
  ・VP separation
    Batch type VP equipment at the boiling point
    Batch type cell (Made of stainless steel and acrylic resin)
    Continuous type cell
    Extra high pressure type
  ・Membrane reactor
    Catalytic membrane form reaction system

oAnalytical equipment

  ・Colloid particle diameter
    Electrophoresis light scattering (ELS), with dynamic light scattering (DLS)
  ・Porous structure
    Nano-perm porometer (Kelvin method, Condensable components : water vapor, organic solvent)
    Adsorption equipment (Constant volume method)
  ・Thermal property
    Thermogravimetric equipment (TG)
    Differential scanning calorimetry equipment (DSL)
  ・The others
    Gas chromatography (GC)
    Liquid chromatography (LC)
    Ultra-violet spectrophotometric (UV)
    Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR)


  ・Simulation using fortran program